The voluntary sector partners who have devised FLOURISH with the support of Lady Euston are as follows:

Suffolk Agricultural Association’s main purpose is to advance and promote agriculture and allied industries. This it achieves principally through the Suffolk Show which attracts in the region of 80,000 – 90,000 visitors across the region and is recognised as a premier event in the UK. The Association organises conferences related to farming, horticulture and agriculture, and runs a highly regarded education programme. This aims to highlight to children and young people the link between food, farming and the countryside. Such projects include the School Farm Fair, the Suffolk Schools competition, and the Farm Links project, twinning local schools with local farms.

Suffolk Community Foundation is one of 48 community foundations in the UK. They address the widest possible range of issues and intervene in the hardest to reach communities. Community foundations do not compete with other local charities, but instead act as a hub to channel funds directly to them. Over the past eleven years, SCF has become a major funder to the local voluntary and community sector, having awarded over4,300 grants with a combined value of over £15million. SCF has just published its latest Hidden Needs report, which reveals the scale and nature of social deprivation in Suffolk.

Community Action Suffolk is a membership organisation that was formed in 2013 through a merger of ten voluntary and community infrastructure organisations throughout Suffolk. The creation of a single infrastructure organisation has been cited as an example of best practice transformative change, at both local and national levels. Their vision is to see Suffolk communities which are stimulated, empowered and strengthened through an effective and sustainable voluntary and community sector. Their work is focused on supporting rural communities, volunteering and children, young people and families. CAS offers funding advice, governance support, training and more to voluntary and community groups, as well as enabling like-minded organisations to connect together.

The Seckford Foundation promotes and supports the education and care of the young and the elderly throughout rural Suffolk. Originally founded with a gift from a prominent Elizabethan lawyer, Thomas Seckford, the Foundation runs Woodbridge School and three Free Schools. It is committed to support young people to achieve their potential through their mentoring, apprenticeships and grants programmes. It also supports elderly people through providing safe and secure accommodation for elderly people, from sheltered flats to residential care.

All partner organisations are especially grateful to Suffolk County Council for their ongoing support and encouragement.